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    Dating the Emotionally Unavailable – The Surprising Truth

    If you’re dating someone who is emotionally unavailable, you’ll probably wind up feeling neglected and dissatisfied. Maybe they disappear for days at a time or fail to return your phone calls. Maybe they say they want a relationship, but they criticise you for trying to label it. There are many different causes and symptoms related to being distant. You may even be surprised to know that the situation could have as much to do with you as with your partner, especially if it’s a pattern for you. Emotional unavailability poses serious obstacles to love and commitment, but you may be able to work things out. Put your love life back…

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    Dear Single lady – 8 Things a Single Lady Can Do on Valentines Day

    February 14th is a couple’s day! A day two people who love each other can reminisce on all the reasons they’ve chosen each other. But when you are single, it can be a dreaded day of loved up couples on social media, hand-holding everywhere you go, smiles and kisses, and all the things that remind you how single you are.  However, it doesn’t have to be a bad day! I’ve compiled some ideas of what you can do to make it a special day for yourself, and why shouldn’t it be all about you? You know what they say -” if you can’t love on yourself how can you love…

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    How to make celibacy easier

    In today’s society, not having sex is taboo. ‘How else can you show you love someone? It’s just sex, no big deal’, ‘It brings us together’ ‘if he doesn’t get it here, he will find it else where’ or the classic ‘we are getting married anyway’. These are all myths that I’m wiping out right now. Sex is beautiful but can be destructive when had out of the constitution of marriage. Sex is an exchange. Everything your partner has, you inherit by opening up that part of you. As a Christian practicing celibacy whilst in a relationship, there are procedures I’ve had to put in place to make sure I…

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    Walk Out Of Your Dead End Relationship Without Repentance

    The title alone gives the indication that this is some sort of ‘Power to the Women’ type of article. And in a way I guess it is – but not in any form of coalition to the feminism movement agenda – no, I am very much in favour of the biblical set up for men and women.  However, this article IS about women being empowered; and loving themselves enough to know that their desire to be in a relationship should not drive them into relinquishing their precious God-given time to just any man who shows interest for now but has no plan for a committed future – as in marriage.…

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    Was It All In My Head?

    It sucks when you’ve been dating (not officially together) someone for a few months, and then he falls off the face of the earth. A few months later, he resurfaces with a full-blown relationship and maybe even an engagement. You are left wondering why her and not me? What is it about me? Was it all in my head? Anger Now you’re angry. Angry at him for playing with your heart, for not telling you what he was feeling, for stringing you along all those months, for not ‘gently’ letting you down. You’re angry at her for being chosen. Angry at yourself for allowing this man to get inside your…