• Complaining in a relationship
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    How Complaining Negatively Impacts Your Relationship

    Complaining, nagging, moaning – some of us are very good at it and seem to spend most of our communication sharing our frustrations, dislikes, and opinions on things we’re unhappy with. For those people, it has become a habit or a learned pattern of behavior to have a heightened ability to give focused attention to all that is wrong, not working, and lacking. In marriage, the choice to use complaining as your go-to tool for expressing how you feel or attempting to cause change could be doing more damage to your relationship than you are aware of. Like a silent killer, continual complaining can have traumatic results on your spouse…

  • Not in the mood for sex
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    Not in the mood for sex? 

    After several years of marriage, becoming a little complacent, the busyness of life, and many other factors – it’s a fact that a lot of couples can lose the passion they once had for their sexual encounters and find themselves regular feeling like they are not in the mood for sex. Like with other things in life, the less you do it – the less you think you need it – even if that thing is an absolute necessity!  Just like any other habit that you have inadvertently distanced yourself from, getting motivated to partake in sex when you’re ‘not in the mood’ can feel very much like a chore.…

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    Pros and Cons of Joint Accounts for Married Couples

    As a married couple your finances and the management of your money will be an important aspect of your lives together. You may be considering whether you need to have a joint account or whether maintaining your individual accounts will be the best way to manage your money as a couple. Well, for sure I am for married couples having a joint account but rather than giving you all the good aspects, I figured I would also give you the downsides to having a joint account…and there are a few. I hope it helps. As usual, leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

  • How to set financial goals as a married couple
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    How To Set Financial Goals As A Married Couple

    When it comes to important areas of marriage that couples need to discuss regularly and that if not approached correctly can cause major issues, finances appear high on the list. For various reasons, many couples struggle to really get to grips with their finances and find it hard to be completely united in approaches. This is partly because of differing attitudes towards money and avoiding real planning around the finances of the family.