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Dear Single lady – 8 Things a Single Lady Can Do on Valentines Day

February 14th is a couple’s day! A day two people who love each other can reminisce on all the reasons they’ve chosen each other. But when you are single, it can be a dreaded day of loved up couples on social media, hand-holding everywhere you go, smiles and kisses, and all the things that remind you how single you are. 

However, it doesn’t have to be a bad day! I’ve compiled some ideas of what you can do to make it a special day for yourself, and why shouldn’t it be all about you? You know what they say -” if you can’t love on yourself how can you love on anyone else?” Being single on Valentines Day offers a great opportunity to practice loving on YOU for a change.

  1. Take advantage of subscription boxes. 

Nowadays, thanks to brands like lookfantastic, you can get your hands on beauty products, hair products, skin care, and books all delivered to your doorstep. Have a look at different subscription boxes and see what you fancy.

Single lady's Valentines Day

  1. Shopping Spree

There’s nothing like treating yourself to some new clothes. The excitement you get as that silk dress falls on your skin, or that pair of jeans that makes your bum look perfect and plump, what about that pair of heels that make your legs look miles long! Plus, most stores will have sales going on! What’s not to love.

  1. A few hours at a spa

Focus on some selfcare by booking in for a facial, body massage, maybe just a nail pedicure or manicure. Take some time out to relax, breathe and enjoy some ‘me time’.

  1. Take a social media break

With the recent outburst of apps that measure how much time you spend on social media, this would be a good day to get a complete cleanse. Come off Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, anything that forces you to see what others are doing. Unplug for the day and fill that time with other activities that don’t make you resent your single status. 

Single lady's Valentines Day

  1. Chill out

Life gets so busy even for us single gals!. That 9-5 working day can get exhausting. Why not make this day a holiday. Have a lie in, order some junk food, Netflix and chill, catch up on your favourite shows. Just chill. 

  1. Have a laugh

Laughter reduces stress, boosts your mood and makes you feel better. Why not have a movie marathon of comedy, indulge in some stand up comedy and don’t forget that cosy blanket for warmth. Laugh till your stomach hurts! 

Single lady's Valentines Day

  1. Update your bucket list

That activity you’ve put off your whole life, now’s the perfect time. No husband, no children…you’re free to do what you want, when you want. Go get that bucket list and start ticking things off whilst you can.

  1. Gather your single friends

Get all your single girls together and go out for a meal. Maybe take a road trip. What if you take it by yourself? Go for a drive. Spend some time with yourself, reflect, regenerate, appreciate nature around you. 

There you have it. Don’t let your relationship status define you. It’s a stage in life. It’s not who you are. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to me. I love you.” — Unknown

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