He Gave Me Love Overdose

It’s true…Mr Chiwoko likes to spoil me. And obviously I don’t have a problem with it at all! Who would?
The other day I was sitting at my dressing table – a beautiful old solid oak desk with draws and bronze handles that my husband lovingly restored and converted into an elegant white dressing table for me. As I sat there about to commence on my beauty regime, I noticed that my perfume collection was quickly depleting. And I’m just one of those kind of girls that likes a little choice when it comes to her fragrances.
So I reported this to Mr Chiwoko. “Babe, I’m really running low on perfume and you know I like to have a little selection.” I didn’t moan or complain or wine. Honestly I didn’t. I said it as a matter of fact and quietly hoped he would do something about it.
It’s usually that simple with Mr Chiwoko as he one of those guys who likes to give. He sees a need, he wants to do what he can to fill it.
Anyway, today which is a Saturday, Mr Chiwoko left the house with our three boys to get them a hair cut. He then went off to help my parents with a few things in the church whist I stayed at home and got on with my Saturday house clean. Like I said, he’s a gap filler, a giver and problem solver.
He came back much later with a red and black gift bag tied at the top with a black bow. I tried to act as if I hadn’t noticed it, even though I HAD and was already running through a list of the potential gifts it could be in my mind…it’s a little game we like play I guess.
Eventually he held out his hand and said; “This is for you”. I did my usual over excited hand claps and received the gift saying thank you repeatedly before I had even opened it. What was it? I’ll give you three guesses….You only needed one? Oh, well, yeah…you’re right! It was the new Diesel ‘Loverdose’ perfume set with body lotion.  Loved the packaging. Loved the bottle and LOVED the fragrance. It kind of smells like sweet liquorice. Which admittedly doesn’t sound like an appealing fragrance but trust me, it’s yummy.
So I don’t know if Mr Chiwoko paid much attention to the name of the perfume, but ‘Loverdose’ seemed to be very suitable as his gift to his wife and  surely did make me feel a huge dose of love…maybe even a Loverdose. And I liked it.

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