How To Revive Your Sex Life

Sex sex sex sex sex! Praise the Lord for SEX! Of all the ideas the Lord had, sex is one many of us are very grateful for. Hahaha. A gift to marriage, sex is the highest level of physical intimacy a couple can share.
It’s a subject we all need to talk about more but most of us shy away from. We also think that once we get married and are completely free to have as much sex as we could possibly manage we’ll be swinging from the chandeliers having exciting passionate love-making sessions every single day and loving it! And there are couples that have it like that. They enjoy a healthy sex life within their marriage that is almost like a steamy scene from a movie every night, or day as the case may be. This kind of couple probably doesn’t restrict their lovemaking to one time of the day. But the rest of us have to work at keeping our sex lives alive. And not just alive, but burning hot.

So here are my tips for keeping your sex life hot and exciting.

1. New lingerie
Do not underestimate the power of new lingerie. Not just to satisfy your hubbies need for visual stimuli but also, a new piece of sexy lingerie will make you feel like a super sexy queen and give you such a confidence boost that you might even be tempted to do a little sexy dance for him…no? One step too far? Alright, alright, we’ll grow to that level soon.
2. A Different Room in the House
Whoever said sex was an activity for the bedroom only. Get out of the bedroom and explore the rest of the house. Different furniture offers different position opportunities and to be honest, sometimes a change of environment every now and then can just add that extra spice. And don’t use the children as an excuse. Once they’re asleep they’re asleep.
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3. Spend the Day Flirting
Want to guarantee a hot passionate night? Spend the day flirting! Cheeky texts, winks across the room, quick kisses, touches and embraces, and whispers of your desires all work to build up the anticipation for what the night may hold. If you spend the whole day getting each other in the mood then guess what, by the time the right moment comes….you’re in the ready! Do you see how that works? Lol
4. Talk and Experiment
Talk about things you would like to try and have fun trying them. Yeah, why not? If you don’t know you can’t do it. It’s very important that married couples feel that they can be open and honest about their sexual desires, no matter how quirky they are. And the fun part comes in when you try new things and experiment. Sure you’re not going to like everything but that’s the whole fun of discovery. The key thing here is that talking about your desires and being open enough to experiment will mean that your loving making will never get stale.
5. Make Sex a Priority
I know we’d all love to be able to keep physical intimacy spontaneous, but sometimes we need to make an effort to create those romantic moments. Put it on the calendar and just do it. It may take you a moment to warm up if you’ve had a hard day, but you’ll get there.
6.Not Every time full blown sex. Sometimes just foreplay.
Let’s face it, ladies, sometimes we just want to be touched, kissed and held without the pressure of it ALWAYS having to lead to the jackpot. And often that continual pressure can make us weary or slightly nervous to even start on the road because we feel that once we take a few steps we can’t come off until the final destination has been reached! Like whatever happened to a long…very long passionate kiss and then…that’s it….yup….just that. You’ll find that once the pressure has been removed, you’ll be more willing to indulge in various sexual activity and therefore more likely to go all the way…but its no biggie if it doesn’t happen every time.
Over to you! Go and put one, two or all of these tips in practice and watch the flames of your sex life burn more brightly than ever! And feel free to tell me what’s worked for you or share some of your tips with me…I’m always willing to learn a new bedroom trick. 🙂

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