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    11 Quotes For The Newly Wed

    Marriage starts after the wedding day. Amidst all the excitement of the white dress, the beautiful decor, the cake and the guests, remember that you are promising each other forever. It’s easy to stay married when everything is sunshine and rainbows but what do you do when problems arise? Here are some quotes I found that you can live by to help you on this journey. Congratulations for embarking on life’s journey called marriage which is either a two way street between compromise and sacrifice or a one way street to divorce. (Anonymous) Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love and they blossom when we love the…

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    Pros and Cons of Joint Accounts for Married Couples

    As a married couple your finances and the management of your money will be an important aspect of your lives together. You may be considering whether you need to have a joint account or whether maintaining your individual accounts will be the best way to manage your money as a couple. Well, for sure I am for married couples having a joint account but rather than giving you all the good aspects, I figured I would also give you the downsides to having a joint account…and there are a few. I hope it helps. As usual, leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

  • How to set financial goals as a married couple
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    How To Set Financial Goals As A Married Couple

    When it comes to important areas of marriage that couples need to discuss regularly and that if not approached correctly can cause major issues, finances appear high on the list. For various reasons, many couples struggle to really get to grips with their finances and find it hard to be completely united in approaches. This is partly because of differing attitudes towards money and avoiding real planning around the finances of the family.

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    Hormonal VS Non-Hormonal Birth Contraceptives

    Regardless of your relationship status, this is an area that all women should have some knowledge in. Failing to prepare means preparing to fail! Considering this is such an important subject, its concerning how little knowledge the average woman (including myself until recently) has on the subject of contraception. No-one is expecting you to become an expert in gynaecology but enough knowledge to help you make decisions in regards to your birth control methods would be a bonus. Before going through the list of hormonal and non-hormonal contraception, let’s get an understanding of the difference between the two. So what are hormones? Well, without getting too scientific, hormones are chemical…

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    You’ve Ruined My Day!

    Wow! We give so much power to other people. A fellow human being has the power to control whether we have a good or bad day? Really? “You’ve ruined my day” is something I used to say to my husband all the time. I would wake up in the morning and the determination on whether or not I would have a day full of positive vibes, energy, passion and joy would be based on whether Mr Chiwoko and I had had a disagreement. If we DID have a disagreement, then that would be it. BAD day decreed, declared and received. Didn’t matter what plans I had for the rest of the day, I would approach…

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    Walk Out Of Your Dead End Relationship Without Repentance

    The title alone gives the indication that this is some sort of ‘Power to the Women’ type of article. And in a way I guess it is – but not in any form of coalition to the feminism movement agenda – no, I am very much in favour of the biblical set up for men and women.  However, this article IS about women being empowered; and loving themselves enough to know that their desire to be in a relationship should not drive them into relinquishing their precious God-given time to just any man who shows interest for now but has no plan for a committed future – as in marriage.…

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    How To Revive Your Sex Life

    Sex sex sex sex sex! Praise the Lord for SEX! Of all the ideas the Lord had, sex is one many of us are very grateful for. Hahaha. A gift to marriage, sex is the highest level of physical intimacy a couple can share. It’s a subject we all need to talk about more but most of us shy away from. We also think that once we get married and are completely free to have as much sex as we could possibly manage we’ll be swinging from the chandeliers having exciting passionate love-making sessions every single day and loving it! And there are couples that have it like that. They enjoy a healthy sex…

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    Let It Slide, Keep Smiling, Maintain Peace In Your Marriage

    I’m not trying to win every fight. I’m trying to win the success of my marriage. And if that means letting some things go, not always having the final word and sometimes just agreeing to disagree then so be it. I don’t need to win every fight anymore because I’m in this for the long haul. I’ve got my sights set on the prize of a marriage filled with understanding, peace and friendship. The problem with trying to ‘win’ every fight or even just fighting until someone wins (there are no real winners in a fight between husband and wife) is that in the process people get hurt, and some…

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    He Gave Me Love Overdose

    It’s true…Mr Chiwoko likes to spoil me. And obviously I don’t have a problem with it at all! Who would? The other day I was sitting at my dressing table – a beautiful old solid oak desk with draws and bronze handles that my husband lovingly restored and converted into an elegant white dressing table for me. As I sat there about to commence on my beauty regime, I noticed that my perfume collection was quickly depleting. And I’m just one of those kind of girls that likes a little choice when it comes to her fragrances.   So I reported this to Mr Chiwoko. “Babe, I’m really running low on perfume and you…

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    7 Tips For Mums Starting And Managing A Small Business From Home

    Ok, so you’re a mum and it’s beautiful. You adore your little cherubs and the fact that you’ve been trusted by the Lord to nurture and raise them is truly an honour. Your children bring you so much love and joy that now you can’t even imagine your life without them. However, you have a penchant for business. Whilst you’re staying at home, looking after the children you cannot escape the inner draw you feel towards starting to build your own empire. Maybe you’ve already taken the plunge and are well on the way to gaining “mumtreprenuer” status. Truth is, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been going for…