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Start Your Journey To Self-Love

It’s a downward spiral… Now your looking for compliments, looking in the mirror to make sure there’s not a hair out of place…you go out of your way to be seen by someone just so they can say you look good. The day no one compliments you, you hang your head low! You have put your self-worth in other people’s hands. People that honestly have other things on their minds.
No one is waiting to see your outfit. No one woke up thinking about how you are going to look today. NO ONE! Only one opinion matters, YOUR OWN. Your self-worth is determined by you!
Do you feel good about you without someone there to make you feel good? Accept yourself regardless of whether you meet other people’s expectations. It means valuing yourself by setting your own goals and standards.
There is no other version of you! You are uniquely made, one of a kind! Believe It. Walk Like It. Be Your Own Fan. Look in The Mirror and Smile. It takes time but I promise you, the freedom that comes with it is immense! You are perfect. Every ‘flaw’ is perfect.
So I leave you with a quote from one of my favourite books Unapologetically You in which Steve Maraboli says,
“Love yourself…enough to take the actions required for your happiness…enough to cut yourself loose from the drama-filled past…enough to set a high standard for relationships…enough to feed your mind and body in a healthy manner…enough to forgive yourself…enough to move on”

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