• 5 things to say to your husband everyday

    5 Things To Say To Your Husband Everyday

    What should you say to your husband every day to make sure he is feeling the love in your communication? They say that good communication is the absolute bedrock of a great marriage, and I also believe that you should be very strategic and intentional about your communication. So if you want to begin to use communication strategically to bring healing into your marriage, to improve your relationship, the intimacy between you and your husband, and to create an environment that is full of love – I have five phrases that you need to include in your daily communication marriage. #1 What Can I Do For You? The first one…

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    11 Quotes For The Newly Wed

    Marriage starts after the wedding day. Amidst all the excitement of the white dress, the beautiful decor, the cake and the guests, remember that you are promising each other forever. It’s easy to stay married when everything is sunshine and rainbows but what do you do when problems arise? Here are some quotes I found that you can live by to help you on this journey. Congratulations for embarking on life’s journey called marriage which is either a two way street between compromise and sacrifice or a one way street to divorce. (Anonymous) Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love and they blossom when we love the…

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    Face The Pain of the Reality

    Your spouse has cheated on you. It’s a betrayal and a dishonour to your marriage. Regardless of the reasons, who with, where and how – the fact is it has happened and you have to face that truth. It’s not a dream nor a nightmare. It’s a fact, and no brushing over it is going to change that. You can’t ignore it or pretend it never happened because the consequences of the betrayal will eat away at you and your marriage until you are forced to face it head-on. It is better to face the pain of the reality now. Anger, hurt, confusion, disappointment, anguish…. As you face the pain…