• 5 things to say to your husband everyday

    5 Things To Say To Your Husband Everyday

    What should you say to your husband every day to make sure he is feeling the love in your communication? They say that good communication is the absolute bedrock of a great marriage, and I also believe that you should be very strategic and intentional about your communication. So if you want to begin to use communication strategically to bring healing into your marriage, to improve your relationship, the intimacy between you and your husband, and to create an environment that is full of love – I have five phrases that you need to include in your daily communication marriage. #1 What Can I Do For You? The first one…

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    Pros and Cons of Joint Accounts for Married Couples

    As a married couple your finances and the management of your money will be an important aspect of your lives together. You may be considering whether you need to have a joint account or whether maintaining your individual accounts will be the best way to manage your money as a couple. Well, for sure I am for married couples having a joint account but rather than giving you all the good aspects, I figured I would also give you the downsides to having a joint account…and there are a few. I hope it helps. As usual, leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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    Let It Slide, Keep Smiling, Maintain Peace In Your Marriage

    I’m not trying to win every fight. I’m trying to win the success of my marriage. And if that means letting some things go, not always having the final word and sometimes just agreeing to disagree then so be it. I don’t need to win every fight anymore because I’m in this for the long haul. I’ve got my sights set on the prize of a marriage filled with understanding, peace and friendship. The problem with trying to ‘win’ every fight or even just fighting until someone wins (there are no real winners in a fight between husband and wife) is that in the process people get hurt, and some…