• Marriage

    You’ve Ruined My Day!

    Wow! We give so much power to other people. A fellow human being has the power to control whether we have a good or bad day? Really? “You’ve ruined my day” is something I used to say to my husband all the time. I would wake up in the morning and the determination on whether or not I would have a day full of positive vibes, energy, passion and joy would be based on whether Mr Chiwoko and I had had a disagreement. If we DID have a disagreement, then that would be it. BAD day decreed, declared and received. Didn’t matter what plans I had for the rest of the day, I would approach…

  • Marriage

    How To Revive Your Sex Life

    Sex sex sex sex sex! Praise the Lord for SEX! Of all the ideas the Lord had, sex is one many of us are very grateful for. Hahaha. A gift to marriage, sex is the highest level of physical intimacy a couple can share. It’s a subject we all need to talk about more but most of us shy away from. We also think that once we get married and are completely free to have as much sex as we could possibly manage we’ll be swinging from the chandeliers having exciting passionate love-making sessions every single day and loving it! And there are couples that have it like that. They enjoy a healthy sex…