The Dream Wedding On A Budget

Most women have a ‘dream wedding’ in mind; whether it be a fairy tale wedding or your minimalistic wedding. Well neither of these have to break the bank.

The average wedding now costs a whooping £27,161. I personally would put that down on a deposit for our first house, or even my honeymoon. So let’s take a look at what areas we can cut down on the stress of a big production.

Get married out of season

The typical wedding months – June, July, August and September can see you spending well into your thousands. At the end of the day, you will remember your wedding day regardless of when it was. So why not have a wedding in November. Winter weddings can be just as beautiful as spring weddings. Go further by having it on a weekday. Yes it might be a pain for your wedding guests but it will honestly save you a fortune.

The DIY Touch

DIY has been a trend for quite a few years now and for good reason. Why pay for something that you can do yourself.

Invitations can cost up to £6.00 each. If you are inviting 500 people, then that’s £3000 on paper that’s going in the bin after the day is over. Places like imaginediy.co.uk  can help you make beautiful cards that your guests will appreciate more, and you won’t spend a fortune on. In a generation of social media, why not create your invite on Facebook or send out an email and then create DIY invitations for mum, dad and grandparents…

There are loads of options to consider. Try thinking of other aspects of the wedding you can do yourself.

Vine Weddings create beautiful printable wedding invitations and stationary.


Wedding Flowers

This is another area of the wedding that can get quite expensive.

In season flowers can save you so much money. Just like anything else, choose flowers that are easier/cheaper to get due to your access to them. For example, peonies are breathtakingly beautiful and if your wedding is in spring, you have access to them at a reasonable price. But in autumn/winter, these would cost you at least five times more.

Going green at your wedding can give you a simple yet elegant look. As a bride, you can take this route instead flowers. Leaves can make a great bouquet too especially fall leaves. Pretty inexpensive too.

For the DIY bride, Laurenconrad has a step by step guide on how to make your bouquet.

For the modern bride, Hitched.co.uk has bridal bouquets for every budget. Keep your wallet happy.

The Dress

For any bride, the dress is majorly important. But remember, the perfect dress doesn’t have to bankrupt you.

High Street shops offer beautiful evening gowns that can make the perfect wedding dress. Have a browse before you go and spend £3000 on a wedding dress. Shops like Coast, Monsoon, Debenhams and  John Lewis all offer a stunning bridal range.



Guest List

Does the friend of your friend’s friend really have to be at your wedding? By inviting less people, you are cutting down on tables, food and drink. Think about the people that mean the most to you, people you have a relationship with. This makes for a more intimate occasion.

The Budget Savvy Bride and many more are places you can find more ways of cutting costs on your big day.

Are you planning a wedding or have recently gotten married? What money saving tips and hints can you share with wedding planners? Comment below.

If you’re a newlywed be sure to get your hands on this book written Dr Ephraim Ezeh called ‘No Marrying No Marriage’ for great information on how you can prepare for marriage after getting married.

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