You’ve Ruined My Day!

Wow! We give so much power to other people. A fellow human being has the power to control whether we have a good or bad day? Really?
“You’ve ruined my day” is something I used to say to my husband all the time. I would wake up in the morning and the determination on whether or not I would have a day full of positive vibes, energy, passion and joy would be based on whether Mr Chiwoko and I had had a disagreement. If we DID have a disagreement, then that would be it. BAD day decreed, declared and received. Didn’t matter what plans I had for the rest of the day, I would approach that day with a bitter taste in my mouth and a burden on my shoulders. So sad. And it was all Mr Chiwoko’s fault. He took my day and he ruined it…. or did he? Isn’t it more the truth that it was I and only I who had ruined my day?
One day I’d finished having an argument with Mr Chiwoko over something relatively small and I’d gotten all over emotional as I usually did quite often. I went upstairs and was about to shout back down at him my usual mantra, “you’ve ruined my day” but this time I stopped. And asked myself a few questions; who is the creator of the day that I am about to embark on? The Lord. I asked myself another question; “who has the power over my own happiness and peace?” I do. Do I have to carry the feelings I’m experiencing in my present moment into the moments of the rest of the day? Nope! So why am I giving the power of determining how I’m going to approach the day and the mindset I’m going to carry throughout the day to someone else? Husband or no husband, he doesn’t possess that kind of power unless I hand it over to him. Truth be told, he wasn’t even requesting that power and didn’t even know that I was giving it to him!
Funny isn’t it?  We hand over our responsibility of managing our own reactions, emotions and responses to difficult situations to someone else and accuse them of ruining something that only we have the power of.  It’s a weak, emotionally driven response that if left unchecked will have you waiting on people to determine the outcome of your days and blaming people for the outcomes of your life!
I made a decision in that moment to take back the power and authority the God had given to me. I decided to decree, declare and receive days of peace, joy, love, fruitfulness and productivity. No matter what happens in the present moment I’m living in, I make a choice whether to carry it forward onto the rest of the moments I have in that day or to drop it where it is…in the past.
No one has the power to ruin my day but me! And I choose to make the best out of every day and carry the joy of the Lord. It’s my choice.

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