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“Thank you Adaeze for helping us transform our marriage from something I was getting ready to walk away from, to something I am so proud of and have learned to love every aspect.   My husband is the new man I knew he could be and we’re both eternally grateful. “

Susie, UK

 I found Adaeze and learned about marriage 4 real after my marriage hit crisis point through my spouses' infidelity. I was distraught my world was dark somebody turned my light out I was confused, angry and in so much pain. 

I searched and searched the internet for any glimmer of hope and that’s when I found Adaeze on you tube I watched her videos I loved her positivity, her energy and her openness,  she got me, she knew the pain and she has come out the other side, the other side no one speaks of, the choice no one speaks of and not only that teaches you how! 

I booked my break through call and from the second we got talking I knew without a doubt that she would be the one who could help me. 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart as I would not be where I am on my journey now without your wise words and wonderful coaching. 

I am so sad I won’t see your beautiful smile on Friday mornings anymore. 


You truly saved our marriage, we were on the verge of divorce but your honest guidance helped us get through a dark time in our marriage. Your truthful conversation and transparency helped me as a wife look outside my lens and see that my husband has made an effort to be a better husband to me. You helped my husband understand my needs as well. You took the time to make me understand my issues should not be outside our marriage but to focus on the love in this marriage. The sensual prayers work. You gave nuggets throughout our session and it has continued to help us in our marriage. Thank you for taking time to pour in us. WE THE HARRISON appreciate you!

The Harrisons, Florida 

Thank you so much for all your help and support. I now have a new husband, even better than when we started!! I’m thrilled with the changes Mark's made and the complete turnaround of our marriage. I’m confident we will be there for the long haul.

Crystal UK

My husband and I have been married for almost a year and started to notice differences that we were unhappy about. Coming from two different backgrounds, different places and having total interests and being complete opposites obstructed our marriage from advancing in the right direction.

We signed up for the 6 weeks course and by the end of it, we really bonded by applying key principles that were taught by Adaeze.

Adaeze is an amazing marriage coach and really passionate about seeing others succeed in their marriage. Her approach is humbling and she gives realistic and  practical goals, which helps couple to achieve it as individuals and together. Her sessions are fun as she brings many elements of her own experience that are related, which makes her so unique and different!


We really have appreciated her service and we will continue to utilise her masterclasses to keep growing stronger and stronger.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication towards others!

Tilly, UK

Amazing woman. Amazing coaching.

Helped me more than she will ever know I always feel so positive after watching her on videos or after our coaching calls, such positivity and good vibes.

Real talk, real approach, relatable just all round fantastic coach.

Rea, UK

Can’t thank Adaeze enough for helping me see a lot of things about myself that I couldn’t see and were destroying my happiness in my marriage. I highly recommend these sessions

Samue, Australia

I am extremely thankful for being led at a time of crisis in my marriage to Adaeze.

I waited expectantly every week for our sessions.  She taught me to be grateful for my husband, to set the atmosphere for what I wanted in my marriage, to use my imagination to create the reality I wanted to see and boy this lessons worked like magic. I started to see so much change in myself, and gradually changes in my husband.  This is my second set of lessons with Adaeze and it has become a mentoring relationship,  me waiting every week to glean some new revelation to change my relationship and my world.

Lael, USA

I can’t thank adaeze enough for everything that she has taught and given us.I thought my marriage was over due to my infidelity. I contacted Adaeze because I was willing to do anything to get my wife and my marriage back. With the tools that she has given me and my wife we are now on a new road full of communication, understanding and love. Her coaching methods are simple, understandable and easy to implement as long as you’re willing to put the work in. I’m so happy there is an aftercare (which we have already signed up to!) and we both cannot wait to continue our journey together with you

Daren, UK

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