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Marriage RoadMap Session 

Every relationship can hit a bump in the road which can leave you feeling confused and disillusioned. This is where the Marriage Road Map Sessions come in. One or two immediate sessions to help give you clarity, guidance, and/or mediation.


1 or 2 x 90-minute Sessions. 

Price starts at £115 / $160



An affair does not have to be the end of your marriage. Work with me and get the keys to repairing your marriage and creating a relationship stronger than before the affair.

90-Day Affair Recovery Program, 


Marriage Transformation 

Poor communication, lack of intimacy, loss of connection, continuous conflict? Whatever the breakdown in your relationship might be you are able to cause a radical transformation using my principles for a thriving marriage. Work with as an individual or couple. 


8-week Marriage Transformation Program

(Consultation Call required)


Overcome Relationship Hurt & Get Your Power Back 

Relationship hurt can leave you with low confidence, low self-esteem, and a feeling of no control. This will have a negative impact on your present relationship or could hinder you from successfully finding and thriving in a new relationship. I help you to overcome the hurt and shift from "victim to authority". 

8-week Program

(Consultation Call required)

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Lovers 4 Life Marriage Prep Program

In this 8-week Coaching program for Engaged and Newlywed couples you will learn and embed the principles that will allow you to intentionally create the marriage of your dreams. You will avoid many of the pitfalls that couples make in the early years of marriage that casue faulty foundations and can be difficult to repair.


8-Week coaching prgram


Prepare-Enrich Relationship /Marriage Assessment 

As a certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator I offer the relationship assessments designed to give HYPER insight into yourselves as individuals, each other and the dynamics of your relationship. This insight brings such powerful and transformative understanding that it creates a firm building block for an amazing marriage. The Assessment includes a 90-minute feedback session

Price: £197 / $248

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