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Are You in an Emotionally Disconnected Relationship? 7 Signs to Look Out For

Couple emotionally disconnected

I’ve helped so many couples identify that the main issue in their relationship is an emotional disconnection. I can’t express to you how amazing is to help them rebuild their connection and witness the impact it has, not only on their marriage but all aspects of their lives. It’s so life-changing that I want you to take a close look at your marriage and ask yourself an honest question - are you emotionally disconnected?

First of all - what is Emotional Connection?

It is a non-physical intimacy, a closeness, a sense of oneness and deep understanding. It’s that "I know you, you know me", unique friendship! It’s the very thing that all meaningful and lasting relationships are built upon.

So what is Emotional Disconnection

You could say that it is the opposite of everything I have just described - but to ensure you have absolute clarity, let’s talk about what it would look like to have an emotionally disconnected marriage.

7 Signs of an Emotionally Disconnected Marriage

1. Minimal Communication: If conversations become shallow or infrequent, it could signal emotional distance.

Couple not communicating

2. Lack of Empathy or Support: Not feeling understood or supported during challenging times.

3. Frequent Arguments: Continuous conflicts without resolution might point to underlying emotional disconnection.

Black couple arguing

4. Feeling Distant: Even when physically together, feeling emotionally apart could be a significant indicator.

5. Separate Interests: Having little to no shared interests or spending less quality time together might show emotional drift.

6. Lack of Understanding: If you feel your partner doesn't comprehend your emotions or perspectives, it could signify disconnection.

7. Reduced Closeness: A decrease in physical intimacy and affection often reflects emotional distance in a relationship.

If you identify with 3 of these points, your relationship is emotionally disconnected and you should dress this immediately before it deteriorates further.

The Marriage Transformation Program is for couples who have lost their way. The consistent fighting, breakdown of communication, and lack of trust between you are making your marriage experience and therefore life - miserable. It’s for people who DO NOT want to waste any more of their life feeling trapped. - questioning their decision to get married and fighting with feelings of regret.

It is for couples who are prepared to invest 8 weeks in their marriage because they know they are worth it.

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