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Ten Lockdown Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Couples at Home

Lockdown 3.0 has hit the UK and it is safe to say, the spark might have started fizzling out. Yes, it was dream-worthy at first, months of uninterrupted time in the house with your other half, but now, even Netflix has nothing to offer you.

Well, Valentine's Day is upon us and it is time to rekindle the fire! No, it is not quite the same as those Friday date nights out to your favourite restaurant, but what if you brought the date night to you! We’ve put together some ideas to help you create a great date night. Implement any of these and you’ll see the magic return.

Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate night

Classic night! Put together a board full of cheese, chutney, crackers, and your favourite fruit. Check out this company that delivers beautiful premium hampers to all parts of the world. The most important part of the night is the wine and ambiance so light some candles, pop on a lovely playlist, and enjoy each other’s company.

Dig deep!

You might think you know everything there is to know about your spouse but there is always more to learn. Games like ‘Truth or dare’ and ‘Never Have I Ever’ are a great way to dig deep. Try the skin-deep cards, brace yourself for the surprises and enjoy getting to know each other all over again.

YouTube Karaoke

YouTube playlists like Sing King are bound to get you in your element. Why not add challenges like singing a duet or trying a music genre that is out of your comfort zone? Better yet, film it and put it on social media for all your friends and family to see!

Roleplay (Get your mind out the gutter…or don’t! As Tabitha Brown would say, that’s your business)

Why not pretend to be someone else for the night? Your favourite character, personality, or even a fantasy. Whatever you decide, commit to the role, and have a splendid evening.

Blanket Fort Night

Build a fort and go to the movies in your living room! Get a projector, hang up some fairy lights, grab some pillows and blankets and you’re set. Pick your favourite film or take it in turns and enjoy your night. Don’t forget the popcorn and hotdogs.

Declutter Date Night

Okay so this one might not be everyone’s cup of tea but why not spend the evening getting rid of unwanted junk! Pick a closet, kitchen drawer, or refrigerator, slip into some comfy loungewear…ladies feel free to go down the sexy route, set a timer, and go! Pour yourselves a glass of wine and some music for a great declutter date night!

Back To School

So, you know that topic you are passionate about that your spouse just isn’t into? This is your chance to tell them all about it and they have no choice but to listen. Why not set up a classroom, get into teacher and student gear, take your respective places, and learn! Add a test at the end for some competition.

Games Night

God knows we’re all screened out at the moment. So why not play some good old fashioned board games like Monopoly and Ludo. Better yet, make it interesting by adding a ‘lose a piece of clothing if you lose’ rule! Check out hello relish for more couples games for the ultimate date night.

DIY Spa Night

For the perfect Spa Night, you need some comfy bathrobes for Him and Her, your favourite massage oil, bath salts or bath bombs, a body butter like this one, some wine and beverages, and your favourite Spotify playlist. Take it a step further and book in for an intimacy matters workshop. Don’t make it complicated. This night is about relaxing and reconnecting with your spouse.

Recreate your first date

In many cases, your first date is one of the best dates of your relationship. So why not recreate it and reminisce. Do you still have the clothes you wore? Wear them! What cuisine did you have? Make it! Recall and relive the same feelings you had on your first date and be on your best behaviour. Avoid talking about things like the kids, or the bills. Remember, this is your first date!

Why not book in for a cocktail making class! Whatever you do, do it with a glass of wine.

What ideas have you come up with during lockdown that can be used to create a beautiful Valentine's Day Date? Let us know in the comment section.


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