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Why I Became A Marriage & Relationship Coach

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

I became a marriage and relationship coach because I want to help as many couples as I humanly can have amazing, strong, beautiful, passionate marriages - EVEN AFTER AN AFFAIR!

When I discovered that my husband had been cheating on me I thought it was over.

There was NO WAY of coming back...impossible.

Trust was shattered. Intimacy was dead. Communication had completely broken down. Our marriage...what marriage? It was Over.

I believed what I had heard: "Once the trust is gone you can never get it back"

"Once a cheat always a cheat."

I couldn't imagine EVER being intimate again.

That was over 10 years ago! From the moment we decided to try and salvage our marriage, I received a blueprint. I was taken on a journey that would give me a unique understanding of relationships and teach me the PRINCIPLES for CREATING a successful marriage.

The blueprint I was given and the principles I learned WORKED!

We have such a beautiful marriage that is a wonderful blessing to both of us.

Through my continual study, I have found that my approach is backed by science, psychological research, and spiritual teachings.

Read the full story here: I Found Out My Husband Cheated

5 years ago Mr. Chiwoko and I decided that we needed to share our story so that other couples would know that they CAN have a marriage STRONGER than before the AFFAIR.

Since then I have worked with couples around the globe - Australia, UAE, Zambia, South Africa, Netherlands, USA, Canada, UK, and more!

Couples who were in the process of divorce have cancelled court proceedings and reunited.

Couples who had given up hope have ignited a fresh love and passion for each other.

Couples who thought they could never get past the devastation of an affair have created new marriages and are thriving!

And suddenly I know why we had to go through that storm....we went through it for you. Xxx


Want to transform your relationship? Book a call with me here: Breakthrough Call

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