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Passion V Love

Taken from the Latin word Passio, which means ‘suffering’ the word has developed over the years to have a more emotionally driven meaning, although its root meaning still relates at some level.

The dictionary definition of PASSION is A strong and barely controllable emotion.

I love this description because it captures the power of passion. Passion is a feeling that you have inside, a powerful emotion, a driving force. It gives you boundless enthusiasm and offers fresh fuel to a tired body or mind.

One can feel passionate about a thing, a situation, a hobby or interest, a career, a craft, and a person. When a person is enthusiastic about something they are drawn to it. They desire to be engaged with it. They have ambitions to become better at it. They are prepared to suffer for it.

No one has to push or beg a person who is passionate about a sport to go out and practice or partake in the sport. On the contrary, they may be accused of giving too much time to that sport and neglecting other areas of their lives.

It's also worth noting that passion can be developed or anything or anyone at anytime

Passion V Love

Although on the surface, love and passion can appear to be the same as they share several similarities - they are fundamentally and markedly different. It is possible to love something or someone without being passionate about that thing or person.

The image below shows the differences between love and passion.

It can be said that Passion is like the 5th gear in a car, the bass in your favorite song, the splash of Chilli in your ordinarily mild sauce.

And when it comes to your relationship, passion is what supercharges the love and affection that you feel and creates a sense of urgency, excitement, adventure, desire, romance, fun, and enthusiasm.


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