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"3 Essential Mindset Shifts for a Succesful Marriage in 2024"

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Last year I was blessed to work with many individuals and couples around the world in helping them to create a successful marriage - whatever that looked like for them. But I have to be honest with you, the people who I found struggled the most in their marriage had similar limiting mindsets that needed to be adjusted!

As we’re right at the start of the new year I wanted to share the most common of these limiting mindsets and how they will hinder you from having a successful marriage.

1. Settling for mediocre.

If you accept mediocrity that is all you will create and experience. Many people have such a low standard for their marriage and therefore accept a life of living like flatmates, no passion, feeling unseen and unappreciated, a poor sex life and well...just existing! God FORBID! Imagine your whole life lived like that when there is so much more available to you! In 2024 I need you to raise the standards for your marriage. Why not aspire to a marriage that is deeply intimate, full of love and joy, peaceful yet passionate? A marriage where both of you are thriving, look forward to being together and are best friends. Set that standard and grow into it. You will never achieve such a marriage whilst you have settled for mediocrity.

2. Shift your limiting beliefs.

I keep telling you this! Your core beliefs around marriage are creating your martial experience. If you believe marriage is hard work and something to be endured then that will be your experience. I have seen the impact of shifting limiting beliefs on my marriage and in the couples I work with. This is also something we do a lot of work around in my Wives Coaching Program: The Feminine, Empowered & Confident Wife.

3. Stop being the victim:

Listen, if you are waiting for something to happen outside of you before you create the marriage you want you will be waiting for a long time. It’s time to be the the authority of your life (and marriage). Many people give their power to their partners; “when she changes then I will change.” “When he starts to do this then I will be happy in my marriage.”

Here’s the problem with that approach - you have no control over the other person. It’s time to look within, decide what you want, and be the change you want to see. There’s more than needs to be taught here but I don’t want this email to turn into a book! Lol

But listen, if you’re ready for a radical transformation in your marriage this year I would encourage you to TAKE ACTION! Book a free breakthrough call with me and start your journey to the marriage have always desired.

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